Sticky patch for nails - ToenailCorrector (30 pieces)

The perfect product in the form of a patch with which you will have beautiful and healthy nails, it will save you from painful ingrown nails as well as remove and prevent the formation of fungi completely safely and easily.
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An effective solution for ingrown nails

With toenailcorector, you can solve the problem with ingrown nails once and for all and have a healty and beautifull nails.

Healty and beautifull nails

In addition to acting on ingrown nails, this product is also effective for fungal diseases of the nails, completely natural and effective.


It changes the angle of nail growth
Toenail Corrector adopts the lever mechanics to change the angle of nail growth, which prevents its ingrowth, which causes unbearable pain and irritation.
Package contains: 30 pieces ToeNailCorrector
20.00 EUR 15.00 EUR